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5 Tips for buying prescription glasses online

5 Tips for buying prescription glasses online - OPTICAL 5
Nowadays, more and more consumers buy prescription glasses online. The biggest advantage of buying prescription glasses online is spending relatively less so that you can have better glasses and lenses.

1.Do not forget to ask for your PD number from the eye doctor when you have a vision test.

Your eye doctor usually does not provide the PD number on the prescription. PD number is Pupillary Distance, which measures the distance between your two pupils. It is essential for any optician to make suitable and precise glasses for you. There are two kinds of PD numbers, one is a single number and the other is two numbers. Both of them are accepted by 99% of optician stores. Can I test the PD number by myself? Yes, of course. Based on my 16 years of experience selling prescription glasses, people can totally test PD numbers by themselves. Here are the tips for self-testing PD number 

2.Must pick your frame according to your PD number

    Some consumers like big frames as a few pop stars wear trendy and big frames. But big frames require a large pupillary distance, or you will feel very uncomfortable. Generally, the suitable frame size should be between your PD+6mm and PD-6mm. This is because each lens can only be tailored within 3mm. For example, if your PD number is 65mm, then the range of frame width has to be from 59mm to 71mm. The width of the frame is normally printed on the temple.

    3.Try to pick the TR90 materials for glasses, if this glass is for all-day use.

    Based on my 16 years of experience selling glasses, consumers are not unsatisfied with TR90. Because its weight is very light and tough and affordable as well. It is widely used for kids' eyewear. Acetate glasses are popular these years as many fashion brands produce and sell them. In fact, the main difference between the two is acetate glasses are heavier and higher in price.

    4.Buy affordable lenses but expensive ones.

    The optical lens has a very big profit margin due to consumers buying glasses at a low frequency. Do you think lenses are still technical? Come on! It is 2022. Many factories are able to produce lenses. How come a lens can be sold for above $100? If consumers buy glasses like clothes every week. I guess no sellers want to sell at a high price.

    5. Buy with the store provides a 14-day free returns policy

    Generally, you will know if the glasses are comfortable after wearing them for two weeks. 14-day free returns policy can protect you by making sure you have the right glasses.
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