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Transition Lenses

Transition lenses are made of color-changing glass. Lens that changes its color when irradiated with light of the appropriate wavelength and returns to its original color when the light source is removed. Also known as photochromic glass or photochromic glass.

Color-changing glass is made by adding photochromic materials to glass raw materials. This material has two different molecular or electronic structure states, and has two different absorption coefficients in the visible light region. Under the action of light, it can change from one structure to another, resulting in a reversible change in color. The characteristic of silver halide color-changing glass is that it is not easy to fatigue, and it still does not fail after experiencing more than 300,000 light and dark changes. It is a commonly used material for making color-changing glasses. Color-changing glass can also be used in information storage and display, image conversion, light intensity control and adjustment, etc.

Our photochromic lens is irradiated by ultraviolet rays and short-wave visible light in the sun, the color becomes darker, and the light transmittance decreases; in indoor or dark places, the light transmittance of the lens increases, and the color fades and restores vision.

 Color-changing glasses can adjust the light transmittance by changing the color of the lens, so that the human eye can adapt to changes in ambient light, reduce visual fatigue, and protect the eyes. There are two types of color-changing lenses: no base color film and light-colored base color film before discoloration; the color after discoloration is mainly gray and brown.

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