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Blue light filtering lenses

Blue light filtering lenses - OPTICAL 5


What is Blue light filtering lenses?

Blue light filtering lenses is a coating specially developed for those who stay indoors for a long time and are exposed to blue-violet light emitted by LED, TV, computer or tablet screens.

Our blue light filtering lenses

Our blue light filtering lenses reflect some of the blue-violet light emitted by these sources, blocking it from reaching the eyes.
The coating reduces the transmittance of light in the 380–455 nm spectrum (the blue light hazard) to BPI 15, while maintaining high transmittance for light greater than 460 nm.

We provides a comprehensive portfolio of anti-blue-violet light products to meet the needs of consumers for various indoor and outdoor activities, and properly filter blue-violet light of different intensities in various activities.

Our blue light filtering lenses are tinted and auto-chromic lenses that resist different intensities of blue-violet light and offer premium UV protection. Now the portfolio has a new addition that blocks some blue-violet light; ideal for indoor events.

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