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Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses - OPTICAL 5

Single vision reading glasses

A single vision lens features only one prescription. In the case of readers, this prescription corrects up-close vision; great for reading your favorite novel or just browsing on your phone. You can add this lens type to almost any frame.

Bifocal reading glasses

Bifocal reading glasses feature two separate prescriptions in one lens. The up-close prescription is added to the bottom of the lens; the part you naturally look through when reading. Multifocal reading glasses are a classic choice for all-round vision correction.

What are Bifocal Glasses?

Bifocal reading glasses feature distance vision correction at the top half of the lens and near vision correction at the bottom; perfect if you need help with both. This type of lens is designed to conveniently work as both reading glasses and standard prescription eyeglasses, all in one frame.

How do Bifocal Lenses work?

Bifocal lenses work by providing two different prescriptions in one lens. If you look closely at this type of lens you‘ll see a line across the center; this is where the two different prescriptions meet. Since we tend to look down when reading a book or looking at our phones, the bottom half of the lens is designed to help with reading.

Progressive reading glasses

Progressive reading glasses Feature up-close and distance vision correction with a gradual change between the two. Progressive lenses provide the most complete vision correction out of all types of multifocal lenses, and you can add them to almost any frame.

What are Progressive Lenses?

Progressive lenses are the perfect choice for people that are both nearsighted and farsighted. Say goodbye to constantly switching between reading glasses and distance glasses! With progressive glasses, you can have the benefits of both at once. And they don’t have that age-telling “glass line” that bifocal lenses are known for.

How do Progressive Lenses work?

Using high-tech craftsmanship, progressive glasses let you see clearly at three different distances. The middle, “intermediate” distance makes switching your focus between closer and farther objects feel more natural than ever. 

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