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Why middle-aged and elderly people are not happy to wear reading glasses?

22 Mar 2023 0 Comments
Why middle-aged and elderly people are not happy to wear reading glasses?

When middle-aged and elderly friends choose to buy presbyopic glasses, they usually buy small and easy-to-carry ones. This is because the presbyopic glasses sold on the market can only be used for near vision, such as reading books and watching mobile phones. If you look far away, it will be very blurry. Therefore, everyone can only use it when reading. Many people carry it with them, which is very inconvenient, and the style is also very ugly. Whether you are 40 years old or 80 years old, you wear the same style of glasses, which is a very bad experience.

So, what can make everyone happy to wear a pair of reading glasses? Progressive glasses can solve this problem. 

The principle of progressive multifocal glasses is that “there are different focal points on a lens”. The upper light area is used for distance vision, ensuring that the wearer can see far clearly; the lower light area is used for near vision, allowing the wearer to use their eyes at close range for a long time without feeling eye fatigue. The area between the upper light area and the lower light area is called the “gradient area”, which is composed of multiple focal points (degrees). The intelligent design ensures that each distance from far to near can find the corresponding degree, truly achieving “the eyes do not need to focus, the glasses adjust the focus”, and the glasses replace the complex focusing function of the human eye, completely relaxing the ciliary muscle pressure, allowing the wearer to use their eyes easily and achieve the purpose of protecting their vision .

Therefore, if you are not nearsighted, but only have presbyopia. Then you can achieve the effect of no myopia degree on the upper part of the lens used for distance vision, and the lower part of the lens is a presbyopic lens. And it can be made into photochromic lenses and anti-blue light lenses, which can be used for anti-blue light and anti-ultraviolet rays. In addition, you can choose the stylish frame style you like, no longer the same as the 80-year-old grandmother.

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