Our lenses

Transition Lenses

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Transition lenses are made of color-changing glass. Lens that changes its color when irradiated with light of the appropriate wavelength and returns to its original color when the light source is removed. Also known as photochromic glass or photochromic glass. Color-changing glass is made by adding photochromic materials to glass raw materials. This material...

Progressive lenses

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Our progressive lenses provide optimized vision support in the near and distance areas. Fitting perfectly to the wearer, the lenses are tailored for you, ensuring good wearing comfort, good adaptability and clear vision in all directions. 1. Personalized design, just like you, special. Our wide selection of progressive lens designs allows to tailor a...

Single Vision Lenses

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  Optical5 single vision lenses  are adapted to specific wearers and are optimized for good vision even at the edge of the lens. Furthermore, the lenses are very thin and fit well.  1. Experience a new level of comfort For your first pair of glasses, kids` glasses or adults` glasses: our single vision lenses can be used for long-distance...