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6 Easy Tips Help You Picking The Perfect Frames

6 Easy Tips Help You Picking The Perfect Frames - OPTICAL 5
Now glasses not only exist as a medical device, they have long been integrated and become part of fashion. When you go through many frames, will you be torn about how to choose a frame that suits you? Then the following items are specially prepared for you who are still torn. How to choose a pair of frames that fit your strategy.

1. face shape & frame

(1) Oval face

All types of frames.Oval face, also known as oval face. If you have such a face, then congratulations, you can choose your frame at will. Just pay attention to the size of the frame proportional to the size of the face, but it is best not to use a straight line frame, that is, a frame that is too high and too flat.

(2) Round face

Geometric or square frames. The face of the round face is shorter, so it is best to match the slender frame with a slight curve to reconcile the overall sense. Angular and square frames are conducive to changing the lines of the face and making your face contour more obvious and spiritual!

(3) Square face

Round or oval frame. rectangular face. Because the face is long, the frame should cover the face as much as possible, and choose a frame with a thick frame to neutralize the long face. The wide temple can cut the vertical of the long face, visually shortening the length of the face, and the higher the frame can also shorten the length of the face.

(4) Heart shaped face

Large frame. Heart-shaped face gives a feeling of imbalance, big and small. This face type chooses the frame opposite its shape, and the higher frame can reconcile the characteristics of the upper half of the face shape that is too wide.

(5) Diamond face

Rimless, browline or cat eye frame.diamond face is a special face shape. Most frames can be adapted to this face shape, but frameless, browline or cat eye is undoubtedly the best choice for this face shape.

2. Nose, eyes,eyebrows & frame color

Sometimes the aesthetic defects of some facial details can also be handled with a suitable frame.
First, your nose. If you have a lower nose bridge, you can choose a frame with a nose pad and a smaller lens area, because the frame with a nose pad will have a better support effect, keeping the lens at a suitable distance from the eyes. Smaller lenses can reduce the weight of the overall glasses, so that the glasses will not slide down often when they stay on your nose. On the contrary, if you have a high nose bridge, it is best to choose a frame with a larger width of the nose bridge, which will be more comfortable for you to wear and can perfectly modify your nose shape.
Secondly, the eyes are also the key to choosing a frame. If you have a small pupillary distance(PD), you can choose a light colored frame with a dark arm at the bridge of the nose, and the opposite is true for those who have a big pupillary distance(PD).
Generally, the top of the glasses should be parallel and close to the height of the eyebrows. If your eyebrows are higher, it is better to choose dark glasses than light-colored glasses, because light-colored glasses will highlight the height of the wearer's eyebrows and make it feel like you have two eyebrows.
Finally, the color of the frame. The color of the frame can be selected and matched according to your mood that day, the occasion you wear, and the style and color of the clothes you wear that day. A versatile frame can, of course, deal with most of the above scenarios, but the best solution is to prepare two or more frames of different colors and styles for daily work and holiday parties.

3. frames & different occasions

It is very important to choose a pair of glasses that suit your personality and the location at the time. Generally speaking, more formal occasions are suitable for wearing glasses with smaller frames and exquisite styles. For leisure, parties and other occasions, it is appropriate to choose some popular glasses with large frames to look youthful and fashionable. Of course, you can also choose some glasses with irregular lenses according to your own preferences to enter and exit some personalized party occasions.

4. Frame & function

When choosing a frame, the larger size of the frame, the heavier the overall weight of the glasses will be. In addition, if you need a pair of progressive change glasses, the height of the frame must be at least 22mm. Then it is best to choose a frame with a nose pad.
Of course, you also need to consider the purpose of wearing it when choosing. Of course, most frames are completely fine for your daily wear, but if you need to wear them during sports or you are engaged in some special jobs or work in some special work environments, some frames may not be suitable.

5. Wear comfort

No matter what kind of frame you choose, it is also very important to wear it comfortably. These also depend on factors such as the material and size of the frame. Of course, the lighter the frame, the more comfortable it is to wear. The lighter the frame sometimes even makes you feel its existence. On the contrary, some frames have to give up lighter weight for the quality and stylish appearance of the frame, and the heavier frame brings a relatively heavy burden on the nose. If your nose is small, there may also be a situation where the frame stays on your face and keeps sliding.

6. The most important point

Choose the glasses you like. The above are just a few tips and references that we provide when you are dazzled by many glasses. When choosing a pair of glasses, the most important thing is to choose a pair of glasses that you like, or the glasses that you think suit you are the most important.
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1 comment

31 Jul 2023 Victoria Addington
I appreciate you mentioning how important face shape is while selecting an eyeglass frame. As you mentioned, the round face’s face is shorter, therefore to balance the overall impression, it is best to complement the thin frame with a modest curvature. I’ll be sure to share this with my sister so she can keep it in mind while she shops for her daughter’s glasses, and I’ll encourage her to look into services that provide children’s eyeglass frames to help her out.


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