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7 points make your glasses live longer

7 points make your glasses live longer - OPTICAL 5

1.Pay attention to tightening the screw

If the screw is loose, please take it to the optical shop in time or use professional tools to tighten the screw. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the frame to fall off and scratch or break the glasses.

2.Pay attention to beauty products

 Sweat, grease and cosmetics containing chemical components on the face will corrode the frame, especially the metal frame, which is easy to discolor or deform the frame.

3.Pay attention to the correct folding

Most of the glasses are first from the left arm and begin to fold gently, and then fold the right arm. If from the right, the wrong fold can easily lead to an unbalanced frame, skew, resulting in wear after discomfort.

4.Pay attention to the correct wear

When wearing glasses, it is best to use both hands to pinch the two arms of the glasses feet to wear gently, long-term use of one hand to wear easily to deform the frame.

5.Pay attention to high temperature and sunlight

Do not place the glasses in a place where the temperature is too high for a long time or expose them to the sun for a long time. High temperature or exposure can easily cause the frame to fade or deform.

6.Pay attention to the cleaning of glasses

The principle of cleaning glasses is to keep them bright and clean, not stained with grease and avoid scratching the lenses. You can use neutral soap or professional cleaning agent to clean them, and then dry them with professional wiping paper towels or soft paper towels. Do not wipe them with clothes corners or handkerchiefs at will, because rough materials not only have poor cleaning ability but also easily scratch the lenses.

7.Pay attention to the storage of glasses

Do not put the front of the lens down, but fold the lens up and store it. When not wearing it, try to put it in the glasses case, first wrap the lenses with the glasses cloth, first close the left arm, then close the right arm, fold it and put it in the glasses case. In order to prevent the glasses from being squeezed when you carry them around, you can choose a harder glasses case to store the glasses.

Nevertheless, glasses still need regular maintenance or replacement, Glass worn for a long time, the frame will inevitably deform, which may make the optical center of the spectacle lens and the center of the pupil of the human eye difficult to overlap, resulting in increased eye fatigue when worn for a long time It will lead to decreased vision, and serious strabismus. Glasses for a long time after use not only will the frame be deformed, the quality of the lens will also change. Under normal circumstances, high-quality lenses can be used for 2 to 3 years and are still good quality, but some inferior lenses are difficult to use for more than a year. If you find that the lens yellow, coating off or fluffing phenomenon, please optometry again and replace it with a new pair of glasses.

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