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We provide Zeiss® and affordable Optical5™ lenses online.
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Single Vision Lenses

Single Vision Lenses - OPTICAL 5


Optical5 single vision lenses  are adapted to specific wearers and are optimized for good vision even at the edge of the lens. Furthermore, the lenses are very thin and fit well. 

1. Experience a new level of comfort

For your first pair of glasses, kids` glasses or adults` glasses: our single vision lenses can be used for long-distance vision or reading. What differences are there? As reading glasses, single vision lenses are optimized for the near zone and individually tailored to the standard reading distance for farsighted readers. The lenses are not only suitable for reading books, but also for reading smaller print on smartphones or tablets. Farsighted wearers often experience blurred vision in near areas.

2. Short adaptation process, good visual clarity. You'll hardly notice you're wearing them

Our single vision lenses can adapt to the wearer's visual needs and reading habits through accurate fitting by an optician.
Good clarity - whether as reading glasses or distance glasses, guarantees good wearer adaptation and fast adaptation.

3. Optimized for good vision, even in the peripheral areas of the lenses.Enjoy crystal clear vision

Our single vision lenses can be fitted according to the wearer's special eye habits, with different levels of performance design levels to meet the wearer's requirements, even for higher power requirements or other visual impairments can also apply. This ensures good visual quality because there is less annoying blurring or distortion in the lens edge area.

4. High quality thin and light lenses. Even at higher degrees

The lighter the better.  High-quality materials and quality classes enable single vision lenses be as thin and light as possible – even at the high power. This ensures that the lens is sufficiently thin and light to wear comfortably.

5. Transparent UV protection

UV rays are everywhere. Even cloudy days have UV rays. UV radiation can damage the health of your eyes and the area around the eyes. Do you protect your eyes when you are outdoors? Now let our clear Dual Protection UV Lenses protect your eyes. The special properties of the lenses filter out harmful UV rays and provide long-lasting protection for your eyes.

6. Flat lens design without the "ultra-wide-angle effect" - for a natural look

For high numbers or special visual impairments, our single vision lenses can be made to meet the aesthetic requirements of consumers and are particularly smooth. The visible curvature in the lens is what causes the image of the object to be typically magnified or the "super wide-angle effect" - completely suppressed or at least reduced as low as possible. In this way, the wearer's eyes maintain a natural look and feel without enlargement or contraction.

7. Turn your glasses into sunglasses

You can choose to turn your glasses into sunglasses with good UV protection on the lenses for clear vision. These lenses also offer the other benefits you've come to expect: optimized contrast, reduced glare and anti-reflection coatings. 

8. Photochromic lenses.

Lenses with integrated sun protection. Stylish and effective. ONE GLASSES FOR MULTI-SITUATIONS: These photochromic lenses also double as sunglasses. It can turn dark in seconds and return to clear in minutes. Of course, it also has UV protection.

9. Anti-scratching

High-performance lens coatings help make your lenses resistant to scratches and static particles. The advantage: keeps your lenses clean for a long time and is easy to clean.

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